The Musical Instruments Collection @ the TGC Library

What is the MIC?

The Musical Instruments Collection (MIC) is a collection of music instruments and accessories, available for circulation to the public through the Tom Green County Library.

The collection features a variety of percussion and string instruments, as well as a growing selection of electronic audio equipment and accessories.

How do I check out an instrument?

If you are interested in checking out an instrument, the MIC is hosted in the STEAM Central makerspace in the basement of the Stephens Central Library. The collection can be accessed during STEAM Central's regular hours; holds can be placed on instruments at any time, to be picked up when the STEAM Central makerspace is open.

To check out an instrument, a patron needs an adult library card for the Tom Green County Library system.

Materials from the MIC may only be picked up and returned in STEAM Central, during regular STEAM Central hours; MIC materials may not be returned in a book drop or at another library branch.

One instrument may be checked out per patron at a time.

The checkout period for all materials is 3 weeks, with no renewal.

A signed agreement for borrowing material from the MIC msut be on file for all borrowers.

How can I record audio?

To compliment the MIC, STEAM Central also provides access to several popular Digital Audio Workstations:

  • GarageBand (Mac and iPad)
  • Ableton Live 8
  • Adobe Audition

Access to this software is provided through reservation in the makerspace (requiring a Tom Green County Library card), along with the use of several microphones and USB mixers/input devices. Reservations to use audio recording equipment and software occur during regular STEAM Central hours, and audio quality within the makerspace is subject to other activities/equipment reservations occuring in the makerspace during that time.

Can I donate an instrument/audio accessory?

We are open to instrument/audio accessory donations. Please contact a STEAM Central staff member to assess whether we can accept your donation, and when you may be able to drop it off. Staff members are unable to provide an appraisal of a donation's value, and donations being added to the collection are subject to material condition, usability, and demand for availability.

About the Instruments

Click the name of each instrument to go to its catalog entry, where you can read more information about each instrument and place it on hold. If you'd like to learn how to play the instrument, explore the links provided for helpful tutorials via book and video.


Bongo Drums
Djembe Drum Coming soon!
Drum Practice Pad Coming soon!
Glockenspiel Coming soon!
Guiro Coming soon!
Hand Drum Coming soon!
Kalimba Coming soon!
Maracas Coming soon!
Sleigh Bell Coming soon!
Steel Tongue Drum Coming soon!
Tambourine Coming soon!
Triangles Coming soon!
Wood Blocks Coming soon!


Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar (Left-Handed)

Acoustic Guitar (3/4-sized)

Lyre Harp Coming soon!


Theremin Coming soon!


Sheet Music Stand  



The software listed here is available for reservation to use on computers in the STEAM Central makerspace.

Ableton Live Coming soon!
Adobe Audition