Legal Resources

The library offers patrons access to Westlaw online resources which can be accessed at any library location. Remote access is unavailable for this resource.


When you run a search on Westlaw, you don’t need to select a database. Your search is automatically run across the following 16 core content categories:

  • Cases
  • Trial Court Orders
  • Statues & Court Rules
  • Secondary Sources
  • Practical Law
  • Regulations
  • Administrative Decisions & Guidance
  • Arbitration Materials
  • Briefs
  • Expert Materials
  • Forms
  • Jury Verdicts & Settlements
  • Key Numbers
  • Proposed & Adopted Regulations
  • Proposed & Enacted Legislation
  • Trial Court Documents


The core content categories that will be most helpful for your research include Cases, Statutes and Court Rules, Regulations, Forms, and Practical Law®.

Cases are the written opinions of appellate and lower court judges.

Statutes are laws passed by a state legislature or the United States Congress.

Court rules have the force of law and govern practice and procedure in the various courts. Examples include the Federal Rules of Evidence as well as any local rules that a court issues.

Regulations include state and federal agency regulations such as the Code of Federal Regulations.

Forms are model or sample documents that often have blank spaces that can be filled in by the drafter. Forms can save you hours of time when you are researching areas like family law and probate.

Practical Law provides continuously updated resources that help you get up to speed quickly in unfamiliar areas of law.