West Texas Space Vaqueres

The West Texas Space Vaqueres is now an officially designated National Association of Rocketry (NAR) section! For more information, you can check our NAR page by clicking the image below, and contact one of the section organizers for more details.

Logo for the West Texas Space Vaqueres Rocketry Group

Check out our list of upcoming rocketry building workshops, and consider attending one of our quarterly launches - it's a blast for all involved! 

WTSV Rocketry Build and Launch Schedule 2022-2023


Want to learn how to design and build rockets?  Join TGCL staff and ASU faculty for our rocket build nights and build your own rocket, then join us at the ASU Ranch or Eggemeyer Field on a launch day to see it fly! 

Build nights take place in the STEAM Central Makerspace at the Stephens Central Library, 33 W Beauregard Ave, San Angelo, TX. 

Launches take place at either of these locations:

  • Eggemeyer Field, 10438 Hawk Ave., San Angelo, TX (GPS coordinates are 31.330726, -100.297704)
  • Angelo State University Ranch, 6482 Goodland Loop, San Angelo, TX.

Weather happens.  Check this page, the WTSV Facebook group, or the STEAM Central Facebook page for inclement weather launch day cancellations, delays, or reschedules.


Date Event Type Time
July 16, 2022 Launch Day 7am-11am
July 23, 2022 Launch Day 7am-11am
September 15, 2022 Build  Night 5-8pm
September 24, 2022 Launch Day 8am-12pm
October 20, 2022 Build Night 5pm-8pm
November 17, 2022 Build Night 5pm-8pm
November 19, 2022 CANCELLED Launch Day 8am-12pm
December 15, 2022 Build Night 5pm-8pm
January 19, 2023 Build Night 5pm-8pm
January 21, 2023 Launch Day: Eggemeyer Field 8am-12pm
February 11, 2023 Launch Day: Eggemeyer Field 8am-12pm

February 16, 2023

Build Night 5pm-8pm
March 16, 2023 Build Night 5pm-8pm
April 20, 2023 Build Night 5pm-8pm
April 29, 2023 Launch Day: Eggemeyer Field 8am-12pm
May 18, 2023 Build Night 5pm-8pm
June 5-9, 2023 Rocketry Summer Camp (Registration Closed)  
June 10, 2023 Summer Camp Launches,Eggemeyer Field  
June 19-22, 2023 Toymaker Camp (Registration Closed)  
July 8-14, 2023 Rocketry Camp: Adult Edition  
July 15, 2023 Launch Day: Eggemeyer Field 8am-2pm


This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (Grant # LS-249990-OLS-21  *to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act. (2021) 


Rocketry Camp 2022 Awards

During this year's Advanced Rocketry Camp, we tasked the students with meeting specific goals with their rockets. All of our rocketeers worked hard and had a great time building rockets to safely accommodate their egg-stronauts. Here are the students who acheived awards from our launch day:

Award Winner Status
Highest Altitude James M. 130 meters
Longest Flight Duration Jameson M. 33.3 seconds
Closest Altitude Prediction Jax T. Within 25 meters of prediction altitude
Closest Duration Prediction Charlene R. Within 4.6 seconds of predicted duration
Most Stylish Grace T. Vibrant Jamaican flag-inspired paint job


Congrats to our award winners, who can take home a glass plaque commemorating their acheievement from this year's launch, and a rocket kit of their choosing from our selection!