Wireless Printing

Print from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer

  • B&W: $0.05 / page
  • Color: $0.25 / page
  • Prints are available for retrieval for 48 hours
  • Send from locations outside the library such as at your home...

Documents that require a password to open or view cannot be printed with the wireless printing service.

These documents will need to be printed from a library computer instead.


Step 1: Choose a method to send the print job.

Web App ScreenshotMethod A: Web App

Stephens Central & North Branch only

Use the convenient web app to upload documents directly to the library's printers.  Also print websites that are not password protected.

Email clipartMethod B: Email

All 3 Library Locations

Compose a new email or forward an existing email, with documents to print attached, and send it to one of the addresses listed below:

The email must contain text in the subject line.


Stephens Central

North Branch

West Branch


Wait for the Confirmation Email.

Mobile Print Instructions Email screenshot
Wait for a "Mobile Print" confirmation email in your email's inbox folder. Check the spam/junk folder if the confirmation doesn't arrive after a few minutes.


Step 2: Pay for and release the print jobs.

Print Release Station at Stephens Central
  • After using either method above, go to the printer the prints were sent to.
  • At the print release station, type in your email address in the lower box (do not type your library card number).
  • Pay for and release the prints.