Wireless Printing

Print from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer

  • B&W: $0.05 / page
  • Color: $0.25 / page
  • Prints are available for retrieval for 48 hours
  • Send from locations outside the library such as at your home...

Documents that require a password to open or view cannot be printed with the wireless printing service.

These documents will need to be printed from a library computer instead.


Step 1: Choose a method to send the print job.

Method A: Web AppWireless Printing Website

Use the convenient web app to upload documents directly to the library's printers.

The Web App gives the most flexibility by providing the ability for each document to print specifics pages in a range and to print multiple copies of a document.

Select the specific printer at the branch that you wish to print to:

Email clipartMethod B: Email

All 3 Library Locations

Compose a new email or forward an existing email, with documents to print attached, and send it to one of the addresses listed below:

Please note, this method does not provide an option to print multiple copies.  It also will only let you print the entire document.  You cannot select to print only certain pages.

Stephens Central

North Branch


Wait for the Confirmation Email.

Email Confirmation
Wait for a "Print jobs submitted" confirmation email in your email's inbox folder. Check the spam/junk folder if the confirmation doesn't arrive after a few minutes.


Step 2: Pay for and release the print jobs.

Print Release Station at Stephens Central
  • After using either method above, go to the printer the prints were sent to.
  • At the print release station, type in your email address in the lower box (do not type your library card number).
  • Pay for and release the prints.