Learning and Memory KitsLearning and Memory Kits

@Stephens Central

These Kits are based on a central theme to encourage exploration and personal growth. Each Kit contains carefully selected books and audiovisual items to enhance your learning experience. All explorers are welcome.

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Computer Classes at Stephens Central LibraryComputer Classes

Learn technology skills

Classes for beginners, learning Microsoft Excel, discovering computer hardware and building a computer, learning basics of cellphone use, discovering the art of file management, staying safe online, using a digital camera, and more.

Sign up for morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

Digital Magazines

At Your Fingertips

Historic Places MagazineDid you know there are over 4000 magazines that you have access to 24/7?

Pick up your device, download the Libby app, and get started with your favorite periodical reads.


Kanopy Streaming Movie

Recommendation: LE SAMOURAÏ

LE SAMOURAÏIn a career-defining moment, Alain Delon plays a contract killer with samuari instincts.

A razor-sharp cocktail of 1940's American gangster cinema and 1960's French pop culture--with a liberal dose of Japanese lone-warrior mythology--maverick director Jean-Pierre Melville's masterpiece LE SAMOURAÏ defines cool.

Watch this movie and many others with your library account on Kanopy.

Libby eBook and eAudio

Recommendation: Black Candle Women

Black Candle Women is a Read With Jenna Book pick and is the debut novel by Diane Marie Brown. It follows four generations of Montrose women as they grapple with their magical legacy in present-day California and the repercussions of their matriarch’s decisions in 1950's New Orleans. This is a story of family and what we pass on to each other. In the case of the Montrose family, the intergenerational gifts are magical abilities … and curses.  Read in ebook or eaudiobook format.

Discover all the titles available in the Overdrive and the Libby app.  

Friends of the Library logoFriends of the Library

The Friends of the Library provides invaluable assistance to the library in its programs, services, and projects.

Find out more about the Friends, how you can join, and how to help out by volunteering.

Helen's Bistro and Bakery logoHelen's Bistro & Bakery

Helen's Bistro & Bakery Chapter 2, located at Stephens Central Library, serves freshly baked pies, cakes & pastries, as well as scratch-made soups, sandwiches, and salads.

They operate Monday - Friday: 8am-4pm.

325-212-8255 FMI or to place an order.

OVERDUE: North Angelo Branch Library Renovation Campaign

Donation Opportunity for North Branch Library

The Library's Overdue campaign is in full swing. This million-dollar effort seeks to fully overhaul and update San Angelo's North Branch Library location for the first time in over 45 years. Renovations include the following:

  • ADA-compliance throughout the facility;
  • a generous 1500 square-foot expansion;
  • staff offices;
  • a fresh new technology center where patrons meet in groups or work independently using public computers and internet service to work on homework, job searches, creative projects, and more.

Interested in supporting this much-needed renovation? Donate at the San Angelo Area Foundation.