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Kanopy Recommendation

The Missing

The Missing Movie Poster2003
2 hours, 16 minutes
Uses 2 Kanopy Tickets providing 72 hours of access

In The Missing, Maggie Gilkeson (Cate Blanchett) stars as a young woman alone who practices frontier medicine in an isolated and lawless wilderness. She now must reunite with her long estranged father (Tommy Lee Jones). Together they must find the mystical, psychopathic killer known as Chidin (Eric Schweig). Chidin, together with his brutal pack of army deserters, has kidnapped teenage girls including Maggie's daughter (Evan Rachel Wood). Maggie and her father must track the outlaws' trail of death and horror across the desolate 1885 New Mexico landscape and catch them before they make the Mexican border and disappear forever.

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Libby Recommendation

The Spindle of Fate

The Spindle of Fate book coverTwelve-year-old Evie Mei Huang never did like helping in her mom's tailor shop. She hated dyeing and spooling the thread and how the measuring tape gets all twisted up. Now that her mother has died, she hates that she isn't here anymore.

It's weird when a talking monkey shows up and tells her that her plain, hardworking tailor mother was actually the head of a guild of magical weavers who control the fate of humanity. Also, her mother is trapped in Diyu, the Chinese underworld, and only Evie can get her back. 

The important thing is that Evie's mom isn't dead. And if she's got this one shot to bring her back and save her family, she's got to take it. Read this mythological adventure, written by Aimee Lim, as an eaudiobook, with no wait time (an ebook version is also available, wait time may apply).

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Friends of the Library logoFriends of the Library

The Friends of the Library provides invaluable assistance to the library in its programs, services, and projects.

Find out more about the Friends, how you can join, and how to help out by volunteering.

Helen's Bistro and Bakery logoHelen's Bistro & Bakery

Helen's Bistro & Bakery Chapter 2, located at Stephens Central Library, serves freshly baked pies, cakes & pastries, as well as soups, sandwiches, and salads.

Tuesday - Friday: 8am-4pm.
Saturday: 10am - 3pm.

325-212-8255 to place an order or for more information.