In honor of Earth Day, we're celebrating Mother Earth; join as we learn more about this wonderful world around us! Unless otherwise noted, programs are designed for patrons in grades 6-12.

For more information, feel free to email, message, stop by, or call (325-655-7321, ext 1128) the Teen Republic!

As the Teen Republic is designed for teens, we may show PG-13 films. Since that designation is so broad it’s up to guardians and kiddos to decide if any given film is appropriate.

Movies are shown Mondays at 5pm and Saturdays at 1pm.


April 2 & 7: Earth: A New Wild: Home (TV-PG)

April 9 & 14: Earth: A New Wild: Plains (TV-PG)

April 16 & 21: Earth: A New Wild: Forests (TV-PG)

April 23 & 28: Earth: A New Wild: Oceans (TV-PG)

April 30 & May 5: Earth: A New Wild: Water (TV-G)

Join us on the first Thursday on the month to talk to our staff about books, movies, games, programing, and more! This is your chance to let your voice be heard, and have us put it into action!

On the fourth Thursday of the month, our staff will put your plan into action! Stay tuned for details!


Upcoming Meetings

April 5 & 26, May 3 & 24, June 7 & 28, and July 5 & 26 at 5pm in the Teen Republic.

You asked for a book club, and we could be more excited to get started! Each month we’ll give the inside scoop on some of our new books and some of our favorite books! Maybe you’ll even share your favorites with us? What about crafts and activities, all book-themed? Sound good? Then be sure to join us and your fellow book-lovers on the second Thursday each month at 6pm in the Teen Republic!


Upcoming Meetings

April 12, May 10, June 14, and July 12 at 5pm








Join us on the third Thursday of each month as we celebrate our love of art via animation! Contests, trivia, games, shows, and more!


Upcoming Meetings 

April 19, May 17, June 21, and July 19 at 5pm






The tech field is ever growing, but how do you get the skills needed to succeed? Learning the basics of coding, and then coding a project of your own design sounds like a good place to start, right? 

This event is for Teen Republic patrons (grades 6-12), free of charge, and (despite the name) is for all kiddos, not just girls!

For more information Girls Who code, check out their webcite!


Upcoming Meetings

April 11 & 25