Unless otherwise noted, programs are designed for patrons in grades 6-12. For more information, feel free to email, message, stop by, or call (325-655-7321, ext 1128) the Teen Republic!

As the Teen Republic is designed for teens, we may show PG-13 films. Since that designation is so broad it’s up to guardians and kiddos to decide if any given film is appropriate.

Movies are shown Wednesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 1pm. 


October 3 & 6: Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes 1-3 (TV-PG)

October 10 & 13: Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes 4-7 (TV-PG)

October 17 & 20: Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes 8-10 (TV-PG)

October 24 & 27: Sailor Moon Crystal: Episodes 11-14 (TV-PG)














In honor of Teen Read Week and inspired by the Pretty Guardians themselves, we want to know… What causes do you champion? What are you a guardian of?


Submissions are due before October 29 and must be turned in via email  or Facebook DM.  Along with your entry, you should include your name, a preferred contact email/phone number, and whether we have permission to share your entry with the public. Entries should not exceed 300 words; for reference, this whole blurb is around 150 words. Entries can follow a traditional essay format or something more creative like a poem; all that matters is that you’re writing!

Winners will be announced and contacted directly on October 31. Winners will be decided by a panel of library staff; entries will be judged on creativity and style as well as spelling and grammar. Prizes will include a Sailor Moon poster (on display in the Teen Republic) and a library goody bag.

Explore new Minecraft worlds. Delve into the deepest dungeons. Travel to the darkest parts of the Nether. Work together to build amazing constructions!

Participation does not require a Minecraft account! Given the frequency with which this club meets, seating is first come, first serve.


Upcoming Meetings

Starting in September, Mondays at 5pm (grades 6-12) in the Computer Lab

Join us on the first Thursday on the month to talk to our staff about books, movies, games, programing, and more! This is your chance to let your voice be heard, and have us put it into action!

On the fourth Thursday of the month, our staff will put your plan into action! Stay tuned for details!


Upcoming Meetings

October 4 & 25, November 1 & 29, December 6 at 5pm in the Teen Republic.

We’re not your normal book club - no required reading, just read what you love!

Each month we’ll give the inside scoop on new books, favorite books, and what we’re reading now! This is the perfect place to give and get recommendations. We might even have special book-themed activities, like games or crafts! Be sure to join us and your fellow book-lovers for an awesome time!


Upcoming Meetings

October 11, November 8, and December 13 at 5pm in the Teen Republic




Join us on the third Thursday of each month as we celebrate our love of art via animation! Contests, trivia, games, shows, and more!


Upcoming Meetings 

October 18, November 15, December 20 at 5pm in the Teen Republic