Certification Class Update

Certification classes will be resuming in a new way! Several pieces of our equipment are available for new online certification classes.

Read the following for more information:

If you'd like to receive certification for using STEAM Central equipment, you can select the "Online Classes" category from the list below, and then make an appointment for "STEAM Central Equipment Certification" with the equipment you'd like to be certified in.

This will provide a link to an online class that you will need to complete, as a prerequisite to a hands-on practice session. Once you have completed the online class and attended a practice session, you may be certified to use the equipment.

You can complete these online classes at any time; the scheduling software below merely provides the link so you may begin when you are ready. Be sure to bookmark the NicheAcademy link if you'd like to get certified in more equipment in the future!

If you have any questions about this process, please email john.dees@co.tom-green.tx.us or call 325-655-7321 and ask for STEAM Central staff.