STEAM Central Donation Policy
STEAM Central sincerely appreciates your donated materials. Due to the volume of donations we receive, we ask that you speak with a staff member before making any donation, and consider the following guidelines before bringing items to the library:
Items we accept:
Computers (MUST be in working condition, call ahead before drop-off)
Monitors( Flat screen only and in working condition)     
 Craft materials (Yarn, Thread, Beads etc.)
Fabric (Must be approved before donation, larger portions of fabric preffered)
Craft Tools (Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Rotary Cutters Stamps etc.)
Machines in good condition  (Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Sergers etc.)
 Art Supplies (Paints, Markers, Colored Pencils, Brushes etc.)
Children’s building materials (LEGO’s, Knexs, Lincoln Logs, etc.)

When and where can you bring your items?

        Monday - Friday 9 am – 4 pm.

 At the dock behind Stephens Central.

 Please ring bell on brick wall.

What do I need to bring my items in?

          Donate items in secure boxes and bags you do not intend to keep.

Please do not

 Bring items in containers you wish to get back.

 Ask staff to appraise donated items.

Ask staff to unload large donations from your vehicle.

If you have questions about what items we will accept for donation you may contact:
Casey Dees
Digital Literacy Librarian
Tom Green County Library
(325) 655-7321 Ext 1133