Tom Green County Library System Event Calendar

Date: 9/24/2019
Time: 6:30 PM -
Title: Author Visit
Contact: , 325-655-7321
Location: 33 W. Beauregard, Sugg Community Room, 3rd floor

Meet author and illustrator, Rosemary Wells at Stephens Library. 

Booking up our Kids

Childhood’s greatest joy is also its greatest benefit, for the rest of your child’s life. Reading aloud 20 minutes, every night, starting young from good quality children ‘s literature sets every child in America on a level playing field in Kindergarten with the most privileged children in private schools.

It also is a great moment of privacy, quiet and love.

Parents, teachers and other caregivers are invited to Wells' presentation, "Booking Up Our Kids" while children attend a reading of her new book in the childrens' story room.

Wells has given TGC Library her original artwork from Felix Eats Up for the Childrens Story room in Stephens and is on display.      
325-655-7321 / Stephens Central     
325-659-6436 / Angelo West      
325-653-8412 / North Angelo