Tom Green County Library System Event Calendar

Date: 7/24/2019
Time: 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Title: Region XV Roger Rosenthal Migrant Legal Action @ Stephens
Contact: Monica Diaz, 325-481-4066
Location: 33 W. Beauregard, 3rd floor

This session will discuss what Texas public schools can and cannot require of immigrant children and ELs.  Topics to be discussed include Social Security numbers, immigration documents, birth certificates and immunization records. This session will also cover the rights of ELs and their parents in the public schools.  Practical examples will be provided.  Additional topics to be covered include Special Education and ELs and access to post-secondary education.      
325-655-7321 / Stephens Central     
325-659-6436 / Angelo West      
325-653-8412 / North Angelo