Print materials in the Law Collection on the secondnd floor of Stephens Central Library are not being updated.  The library does offer Westlaw online resources which can be accessed in-house. 

The following electronic resources are available using law library computers:

  • 40982568 Primary Law with KeyCite®: All — Texas (WestlawNext™)
  • 40982174 Texas Jurisprudence (WestlawNext™)
  • 40980419 All Analytical Library (WestlawNext™)
  • 40980380 All State Primary Law (WestlawNext™)
  • 40984370 Employment Practitioner Core —Texas (WestlawNext™)
  • 40982419 Estate Planning Practitioner Core — Texas (WestlawNext™)
  • 40981145 Family Law Practitioner Core — Texas (WestlawNext™)
  • 40981636 Municipal Law Practitioner Core — Texas (WestlawNext™)
  • 40992447 Texas Form Finder (WestlawNext™)
  • 40982176 Texas Practice Guide® (WestlawNext™)
  • 40982220 Texas Practice Series (WestlawNext™)

Library staff cannot give legal advice and can only provide assistance in locating material and resources.